Grand Cafe

Grand Cafe


So, apart from a cup of coffee with a piece of apple pie, you may also come and indulge you in a party ( or ‘borrel’, for those who know the Dutch word). Our well-decorated Grand Café offers you a variety of options, from cosying up on our Chesterfield sofa with a newspaper, to enjoying a relaxing night out with some friends. You could order a serving of  bitterballen, bread with a variety of spreads, or the always popular wooden board with homemade bites to snack/nibble on. Moreover, you could get a local beer from the tap. Could this get any better?

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A bottle of wine
You may choose between a bottle of Pinot Grigio, Verdejo, Syrah Cabernet of Ciela Blush rosé

A wooden snack board with a selection of warm and cold bites.


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Taste tree of our Wolf speciality beers (17cl) per person:
Wolf 7 Blond, Wolf 8 Dark, Wolf 9 Amber.
And some bitterballen to share.

Order for two people